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The Lobbyists Meeting Minutes

Grey Lynn 2030 Auckland City Council Lobby / Liaison Group.

Minutes for meeting at 6pm, Wednesday 25th February 2009 at Malt, Richmond Rd.

Present: Gary, Suzy, Paul, Kail, Kim, Lynn, Gillian, Duane.

1. Self introductions, reasons for joining group and areas of interest:

Kim and Lynn are from Waste Away group, Kail works at Lifeline, Paul is on the community board, Gillian has worked on community consultation for the ACC, Gary is a designer of urban landscapes, Duane has something to contribute, Suzy is an eternal optimist. (If I have missed anyone or totally have it all wrong, my apologies, just going from memory).

2. Vision / Mission statement:

This is still a work in progress but some ideas that came up from the discussion for me were:

  • To be known as the go-to group for sustainable community issues
  • To be an interface between council and community on policy and sustainability issues
  • To work with other groups in GL2030 on submissions to council etc
  • To enable community groups to engage with council (but not doing it for them).

Focussing on the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP): http://www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/council/documents/focus/default.asp

Word drop:

Community resilience / economic and legal reform / doing things differently in the future / understanding processes / achieving desired outcomes effectively for equality and wellbeing for all / enabling / future community / working cooperatively / urban ecology / sustainable systems / learning and growth / validating community input / access and engagement / position / personal growth / advocacy / skill sharing / positive communication / transparency, media accountability, honesty, without corporate bias / channels of communication / influence on practical policy and programmes / representatives / awareness / monitoring / values / consequence / ecological progress as opposed to economic.

3. Renaming:

Likewise, a work in progress. To be mulled over and decided at next meeting.

4. Connections with existing GL2030 groups.

Lynn and Kim from the Waste Away group talked about their process of setting up the e-waste recycling day. Here’s hoping that Woolies pulls through with some carpark space for the event!

5. Team structure, roles and responsibilities

Paul is our contact for the community board. Suzy is doing minutes. Lynn and Kim are our Waste Away contacts.

6. Contacts with council:

Paul to get some names and contact details.

7. Action points:

  • Educate ourselves about policy and plans to do with Grey Lynn catchment.
  • Think about other community groups we can liaise with
  • Think about a name!!!
  • Paul: council contacts (invite to next meeting?)
  • Gillian: community consultation document
  • Eva Laurence is at the community centre once a week. She’s the community services advisor for northern.

8. Next meeting:

Agreed on monthly meetings. Date set for 25th March, 2009. Probably 7.30pm. Malt was a bit noisy… any other good suggestions are welcome. We can keep in contact via email, make sure you “reply to all” and keep everyone in the loop.