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Who is our Community?

Thinking about the vision and mission for Grey Lynn 2030 has started me thinking who makes up our community? What does your average person in Grey Lynn, Westmere and Ponsonby think about being sustainable and the environment?

I can only reflect on the local community that I know with any confidence. The community I inhabit is the one of families with school age children. For those of us with kids there is a vibrant community based around the schools our children attend. We are busy, we have good intentions but how many times do I forget to take my shopping bags into the supermarket…

This letter in Good magazine struck a chord.

We’re your average recycle-but-still- do-disposable-nappies, enjoy vegie gardening but still own a big screen TV, buy local/second hand/in season but let standards slip for pineapple type of family. We have typically equated sustainable living with sacrifice, and would shun it completely if it was not so obviously necessary.

However, your magazine is inspitational (and not in a new-age, crystal gazing way) practical, and best of all it encourages families like ours who still have a long way to go before we’ll win any awards for being green. We Kiwis don’t like being told what to do by a superior body but your light touch and non pushy approach appeals to our DIY attitude.

Good also focuses on the  postitive, when we are so overwhelmed and depressed by the gloomy outlook that most proponents of sustainable living focus on. Especially encouraging was the article on the Cuba following the oil embargo. It’s not all bad!

Good will be a useful teaching tool no only for the kids who quickly and simply accept the good sense of sustainable living but more importantly for the parents (who are a bit more obdurate in our thinking.

Micaela Young, Ohau
Micaela, I hear you! Change “Good” for Grey Lynn 2030 and this is the tone I hope we can achieve.  Positive Vision, Practical Action is our tag line and I think encapsulates the mood we want to promote.

Any thoughts?

Suzanne Kendrick