Support an Oxfam Trailwalker


Su Yin Khoo is a member of Grey Lynn 2030 and also is a graphic designer for Good Magazine.

Su Yin is offering an hour of her time for graphic design/web work, menial garden work or general labour (negotiable) for every $50 contributed towards her team’s fundraising effort. All donations are tax-deductible.

A $50 donation can install a sanitised toilet in PNG preventing the spread of typhoid and cholera. $100 will buy a tap stand to distribute clean water safely.
You can donate online on her team page.

Here is some more on the rest of the team –

What do you get if you take four young, attractive, unfit women and 100 kilometres of walking trail? We’re betting you’ll get four exhausted, unattractive but fit ladies with potentially no toenails. But we’ve decided to give it a go anyway. We’ll be pounding the pavement (and farms, mountains and forest trails) over 100 kilometres during the first weekend in April. That’s right 100 kilometres. Each.

When the Oxfam Team arrived in the Good magazine office with bribes (cakes) we were already predisposed to anything they had to say. But when they screened the video of last year’s Trail Walker, we were overwhelmed by ordinary people doing the extraordinary. As young and old staggered across the finish line to cheering crowds, we decided we wanted to be extraordinary too. And when we saw images of children in poverty who have to walk huge distances just to get to school or to get water, we knew we wanted to help out.

So help us, help the kids. And compensate us for those toenails.


Lolly-legs Lauren
The lovely Lauren will be relying on a variety of lollies to make it through the 100 kilometres. She’ll potentially change her name to Jelly-legs Lauren.

Sassy Back Su Yin
Su Yin is all about style over these 100 kilometres. Look out for her stylish orange camel-back back, classy scrunchies and colour-coordinated bike-pants.

Philanthropic Philomena
Philomena is all about the journey. She is Miss Travel, but this will be her first long distance walk. This sweetheart could be ferocious Philo by the end of this trip.

Sundowner Sarah
Miss Sarah is all about mind over matter. This can’t be worse than giving birth to two kids, right? Look out for a cute lady on the side of the trail with a margarita, mega-pack of Voltaren and a Karen Walker hat