Free energy-efficient Light Bulbs from the ACC


I read Keith Ng on the Public Address blog this morning having a rant about why get involved with Earth Hour. He suggests there is no need to bother. So if you forget about it, load up some energy efficient light bulbs at home or give some to your friends. And if you can’t afford to buy energy efficient lightbulbs, I have some good news from the council below.

It is a long and (quite funny) post but he makes a good point…

Go buy an energy efficient lightbulb and spend Earth Hour with the lights on watching TV – you’d come out ahead by a long, long way. Better still, take an hour’s wages and buy energy efficient bulbs for people who don’t have them. That’d actually be worthwhile.

Just further to the Earth Hour promotion. In support of Earth Hour, Auckland City is helping to distribute 10,000 energy saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent lights) to the Auckland community. These are Ecobulbs and are being supplied by a NZ company called EnergyMad (they are not being purchased by Council). 500 bulbs are being delivered to each community library to distribute.

The bulbs should be available from Community libraries from Thursday 26th March, morning onwards (and will continue to be available until they run out). The limit is 3 bulbs per person.

These bulbs use 80% less electricity, and last around 10 times longer than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. As most people will probably know, they do contain a very small amount of mercury, however information about this is located at the link below. I note that the mercury in most dental fillings contains up to 50–100 times the mercury of an Ecobulb.

Keeping Auckland’s Future Bright…
Brent Bielby
Senior Sustainability Policy Analyst