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Hot Topic – Global Warming and the future of New Zealand

Interested to see the  New Zealand Science Book Award has Hot Topic: Climate Change and the Future of New Zealand by Gareth Renowden (AUT Media) listed in the finalists. The winner will be announced by Richard Dawkins (via a video link) on May 15th in a special event at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.  These festivals and awards are excellent for reminding you of books that you have been meaning to read.

If reading books is not your thing, check out Gareth’s Hot Topic blog . This is an excellent climate change blog that really does bring the issues close to home. Reading books clearing is Garth Renowden’s thing. There are some excellent book reviews on the site as well.

Here’s a clip to get you interested

Carbonscape, the New Zealand company working on making charcoal from a microwaving process discussed here and here on Hot Topic, has just announced that they are one of only five companies to make the shortlist in a global competition, the Financial Times’ Climate Change Challenge.

The competition seeks the most innovative solution to the effects of climate change.  The winner, to be chosen by Financial Times readers and a panel of judges will receive a US$75,000 prize, sponsored by Hewlett Packard, to help bring their service to market. I notice Richard Branson, IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri and Jonathon Porritt among the eight judges.