Bio-Diesel Co-op is up and Running


EcoMatters Environment Trust is pleased to announce we are setting up a bio-diesel co-operative and is now calling for expressions of interest.

We have secured a high quality bio-diesel derived from locally sourced waste oils. The oils have been put through a system in such a way that they are readily usable in almost all diesel engines without conversion. It burns so cleanly that you can’t see or smell a thing coming out of the tail pipe!

We are still in negotiations as to price but the worst case scenario would see it at 10c per litre above the price of normal diesel.

We will be selling the fuel at cost and will only charge a small joining fee to cover the cost of setup. Initially we will be supplying the diesel in 20 litre containers which can be taken away. You will be provided with a hose for refueling and will then have the pleasure to around away carbon free! Eventually we are looking like to have a pump on site but this will depend on the amount of support we receive.

So if you have a diesel vehicle, here is your chance to power it on a waste product and snub the fuel companies. Please let people you know who may be interested about this iniative.


Aaryn Barlow
Sustainable Projects Manager
EcoMatters Environment Trust

6 Olympic Place    P 09 826 4276
New Lynn             M 021 308 837
Waitakere City     F 09 826 4278


  1. We have a diesel van lwb toyota van and would like to use your good oil! please stay in touch.

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