How Auckland Can Reduce its Waste – GL2030 Monthly meeting May 13th


Warren Snow of Envision will be speaking at the Grey Lynn 2030 meeting.

Warren wants to propose a new vision for reducing waste in Auckland. This will be partly based on a report Envision did in 2005 entitled “Reclaiming Auckland’s Resources”

That report proposed a waste strategy for Auckland based around a network of 7 Large Resource Recovery Parks fed by around 60 community recycling centres. All of Auckland’s waste resources would flow to sites within the network and only the residual material that cannot be reused or recycled would go to landfill. Control of Auckland’s waste stream would be in public hands for public benefit rather than controlled by large waste companies for private benefit.
The system would be self funding and create initially hundreds and potentially thousands of new jobs for the Auckland region.

About Warren

Warren started his first business in Tauranga at 19, producing signage, screen printing and point of sale display material for clients throughout New Zealand. He became disenchanted with advertising’s role in promoting consumerism (as well as addictive substances such cigarettes, alcohol and oil) and moved to Kaitaia.

As a result of economic restructuring in the 1980s he became involved in community development, and in 1989 co-founded CBEC (Community Business and Environment Centre) in Kaitaia and helped establish the Far North’s recycling system. In 1994 he project managed the introduction of Auckland City’s kerbside recycling system, then managed the Tindall Foundation for five years. In 1997 he co-founded Zero Waste New Zealand Trust, and helped establish the Recycling Operators of New Zealand (RONZ) and Waste Not Auckland Trust.

Warren served on the government-appointed Waste Minimisation Working Party which provided advice on the 2002 New Zealand Waste Strategy.

He established Envision in 2000.