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Want to be removed from the ACC weed ‘spray list’?

Have you mentioned yet that it’s possible to be removed from the weed ‘spray list’?

Auckland City keeps a list of people who don’t want the verge/curb at the
front of their houses sprayed for weeds.

Call 379-2020 to take your houseoff the spray list!

Only 300 homesout of 400,000 in the city area have requested to be exempt, according to Tony Jonas, Manager for Streets (846-3919).

The herbicide that is currently being used is called Hitman, an ‘organic’ weed killer made by WetandForget, a NZ company (476-4440).  The ingredients of Hitman are a mystery.

The companydeclined a direct request for an ingredient list, besides saying that the active ingredient iscoconut palm oil.

Tony Jonas said it also will contain petroleum by-products for stickiness.

Also a smelling agent has been added to it soit can be located by the herbicide user.

The website for WetandForget says that Hitman is not safe for fish in ponds, so who knows how it works
when it flows down the storm drains to the harbour.
We were going to be sprayed for the second time in a month, so I asked the operator what was going on and found out that we could request to
be exempt.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get entire blocks to request to be spray free?
Especially streets like Commercial Road, where we are almost completely tar sealed — no weeds to speak of!

No grass, either, but that’s another story.  At least we have olive trees.