Freeze Focus Action!


Hey Everyone!

In February of this year, over 50 young environmental leaders from all over the country got together in Taupo to discuss how we want to act for a future that we want to live within.

We pondered over issues such as whether our current efforts are really just slowing down the inevitable? What would it take to be ‘regenerative’ and to be a ‘ReGeneration?’

We talked about what being ‘good’ could look like, instead of ‘being less bad.’ About being a regenerative force in society and the environment. We shared stories, project ideas and inspiration.

This group is hosting an Auckland event centred on World Environment Day called FREEZE, FOCUS and ACT on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June.

We will be having conversations and taking action on what is important to us and sharing how we need to act towards a sustainable Aotearoa.

This event is created by the participants and is aimed at learning from each other and sharing experience.

We invite you to come along and participate!

Take part! You can get involved in the following ways:

Email with “I’m Freezing in [Place]“. You’ll then find out where your local Freeze is happening on 5 June. And don’t worry – your identity will remain anonymous. Your details will be deleted after the Freeze.

Spread the word!
Let other people know by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Help organise
Offer to be one of Santa’s little helpers (the people who help to co-ordinate Freezes in each location). Email with “I can help in [Place].” But first, check the list of confirmed locations.

Get your organisation to show their support
Organisations can support the Freeze by spreading the word about the Freeze and encouraging their employees to take a few minutes for some freezing fresh air on 5 June 2009!

“The great work of our times, I would say, is moving the human
community from its present situation as a destructive presence on the
planet to a benign or mutually enhancing presence. It is that simple”

Thomas Berry


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