Sustainable Living Centre – Courses for July



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Recycling & Community Enterprise on the Edge

Bring the Edge into your City, with Community Enterprise
Fri 10 July 6.30-8.30pm $10

Rick Thorpe, founder ‘Xtreme Waste’ & Simon Thomson, metal yard operator
Members of the Raglan/Whaingaroa’s award winning community-recycling-initiative ‘Xtreme Waste’ will share the journey of success and seek to inspire a new vision of what’s possible in your community by reclaiming the waste stream.

Local Ethanol Cooperatives
Fuelling the transition to a sustainable economy
Wed 15 July 6.30-8.30pm $10
Richard Lee, Systems consultant ‘Ecoassist’ Sustainable Solutions

Permaculture practioner Richard Lee outlines how communities can reduce their reliance on imported oil and improve their local resilience by developing bioregional energy strategies that not only reinvigorate local agriculture and economy, but also provide opportunities to improve water quality and reduce greenhouse gas.

DIY Coldframe
Extend your growing season
Sat 18 July 10.30-12.30pm $10
Justin Newcomb, Director Landscape Safari

Cold frames are like mini glass houses. They can extend your growing season and enable you to grow your own vege/flower seedlings/cuttings all year round. Grow your own vege seedlings for planting out. Extend your vege growing season with a simple coldframe constructed with free/recycled materials. Be in to win the coldframe built in this workshop!

Home Heating
Cost effective and eco-friendly solutions
Wed 8 July 6.30-8pm $5
Pamella Phillips, Senior Solutions Consultant, Righthouse

Heating well whilst being energy efficient can be a dilemma for homeowners, particularly those in older homes. Pamella from Righthouse works with architects, builders and homeowners to find sustainable solutions to retrofit/rennovate existing homes or new builds. Pamella will also discuss the best options for insulating the home, reducing the level at which additional heating is required.


Winter reflection and inspiration
Sat 25 July 8.30am-10.30am 11am-1pm (repeat) $20
Richard Main, co-founder Unitec Hort Sanctuary, environmental educator

An 8-part practical series designed to get participants up-skilled in home fruit and vege production.
This module covers: managing the winter garden, ‘garden housekeeping’, observation of tree health, soil management techniques in the cold and wet; film – Sustainable Food Production


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Module 13 – Redesigning Waste and Resources – July 11, 2009
Guest Tutors – Tim Rimmer – Senior Lecturer, Unitec, New Zealand Rick Thorpe – General Manager X-Treme Waste Inc., Raglan

Introduction to the ecology of waste systems and resources; Community resource and waste management initiatives and strategies from around the world; Bioregional resource auditing and analysis; Household and community scale organic nutrient and material cycling systems – integrated greywater systems, compost, bokashi, warmfarming; resource centres etc; Introduction to waste water systems; Treatment and purification; Utilising biological treatment systems; Grey water reuse; Council regulations; Site specific and community based systems.

Module 14 – Potable Water and Water Supply – July 18, 2009
Guest tutor – Nigel Mark Brown – Environmental Consulting Engineer

Water quality, Rainwater harvesting; Treatment and purification; Water conservation devices and technology; Household applications; Community based systems; Irrigation and crop requirements.