Climate Change Public Meetings organised at very short notice


From 6 to 17 July, the government will consult the public and businesses on an appropriate 2020 target on greenhouse gas emissions.
The govt is clearly trying to push something through without the public being given time to arrange appropriate representation at meetings.

Aucklanders, we are required on Tues July 7th at the Princes Ballroom, Hotel Hyatt Regency, at 7.30 – 9pm

Registration is required; see below.

For other centres please see the chart below.

What ever your views on climate change are, I am sure you will see that it is totally inappropriate for the govt to be trying to sneak these meetings through, yet again pushing the boundaries of democracy.


Lisa Er


Dear Lisa

Here is today’s press release from NZ Climate Action Partnership (NZCAP) newly formed on 5th June following a Hui organised by the Hikurangi Trust in Wellington.

The main message is that the government has left an extremely short (5 working days) time between announcing and starting the public consultations on what NZ’s interim target should be in preparation for Copenhagen. The public should smell a rat. We need to get organised very fast.

It is extremely important that well informed and articulate citizens turn up in large numbers at the public meetings with the most recent science (March Copenhagen meeting of scientists and their summary report) and economic analysis (such as the Stern Report, Sinclair Knight & Mertz report for the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development etc) ready to make a strong community voice heard.

ALSO : It is most important that people realize the need to register as stakeholders to avoid government gate keeping on this issue.

Registered stakeholders will receive an email containing further information related to the roadshow, as well as instructions to RSVP online.

The person to contact regarding registration is Anna Carter [] Ph 04 439 7487

The Government press release is at :

The public meetings, which will feature presentations by the Government, will be held in nine centres between 6 July and 17 July: Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Napier and Nelson. Dr Smith will also hold meetings with business groups in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Hui are being organised in association with the Climate Change Iwi Leadership Group.

For Press Release please visit here


  1. Hi there. From reading the description of the meeting it seems the intent is to present to the attendees. Nowhere is it mentioned that there will be an opportunity to discuss government proposals on this issue.

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