Save Enviroschools Public Meeting, 30th July 2009


Dear Grey Lynn 2030,

You may have heard about our Campaign, SOS Enviroschools.

Earlier this year, National decided to cut the $19million Enviroschools funding by the end of 2009, while simultaneously giving $35million of funding to ‘Private’ schools.

Enviroschools, as you are probably aware, is a sustainability education programme that helps students in primary and secondary school learn a variety of skills that will help them later in life- including how to sustainably manage resources and how to plan group projects. Enviroschools helps thousands of students, from 158 schools in the Auckland Region, plus many more across the nation. We believe that sustainability education is vital in our society, particularly in a country that prides itself on its ‘clean green image’.

As part of our campaign, we will be speaking at a public meeting on July 30th.This meeting is being hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education and facilitated by Green Party Education Spokesperson Catherine Delahunty. It is a meeting for all those parents, teachers and students who are keen to work together to try and get the funding for Enviroschools back from the government, or find an alternative source. We have 6 months until the funding runs out so we need to work hard and in a coordinated fashion during that time – please join us! This is not just a meeting for Green Party members so please pass it on to all of your acquaintances who you think might be interested.

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Garden Room, Grey Lynn Community Centre
510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn

If you are interested in being involved in this campaign to Save Enviroschools, but can’t make it to the meeting please email us at

We will keep you updated with our plans after the meeting.


  1. Sorry can’t be at meeting. Horrified that government is becoming progressively less ‘clean and green’ and more ‘dirty and polluting’. Is it worth while contacting some of the major firms that advertise internationally with NZ’s clean green image – eg ice breaker, air new zealand, tourism nz etc and asking them to put pressure on govt as nz becomes progressinvely more unclean. As NZ loses its clean green image e are going to lose lots of trade etc – surely mot good for the economy in times of recession.

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