Vote for sustainability in the AECT election


Grey Lynn 2030 trustee and coordinator of the Grey Lynn 2030 energy group Chris Olson is standing as a candidate in the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust election on the YOUR POWER TEAM ticket. This is an exciting opportunity to bring a sustainability and resilience focus to the AECT.

Chris has been part of Transition Towns for more than 3 years and has the full support of Grey Lynn 2030 because he will bring a focus on community energy needs and sustainability to the role of Trustee. He also has international energy industry experience having contracted to energy companies in the UK and worked for BOP Electricity and Genesis in NZ.

Sustainable energy policies for AECT

YOUR POWER TEAM supports Vector in its development of sustainable energy initiatives such as distributed solar electricity generation, conservation measures such as energy efficiency programmes and peak load management initiatives. Chris Olson believes that even though Vector has started trials with local renewable electricity generation, it’s not progressing fast enough. Without distributed renewable energy production New Zealand faces high costs of upgrading electricity transmission infrastructure and continued carbon emissions from fossil fuel power stations contributing to accelerated climate change.

Chris together with Your Power Team will promote and support sustainable energy policies at Vector to speed the widespread adoption and implementation of distributed renewable electricity production and drive Auckland toward the government target of consuming more than 90% renewable energy. Chris believes that local renewable electricity generation will also minimise increasing electricity prices helping to keep electricity affordable over the long term.

In addition to driving toward a sustainable energy future, YOUR POWER TEAM is committed to transparent governance of the AECT, they will ‘Open the Books’ and ‘Open the Doors’ to allow AECT beneficiaries to see what their money is being spent on and invite them to monthly meetings to participate in discussions. Current trustees pay themselves more than $60,000 each per year when comparable roles are far less. YOUR POWER TEAM will cut their trustee fees by 40% when elected to bring their fees back in line with normal rates.

If you received the $320 dividend recently you can vote in the AECT election. Ballot papers have now been mailed out. Please remember to vote for Chris and the YOUR POWER TEAM candidates.

Voter Guide to the AECT Election, October 2012

The AECT (which owns 75.4% of Shares and Voting rights of Vector Ltd) holds elections every three years to vote for 5 trustees to be responsible for the management of the AECT on behalf of its beneficiaries who are electricity consumers of the AECT area in Auckland.

Voting documents have been posted out and have to be returned by 5pm on the Friday 26th October 2012 (if you didn’t receive your ballot please call the returning officer on 0800 922 822 and ask for voting papers to be sent to you.)

You can vote for trustees if your name is on the power bill in the old Auckland City and Manukau City areas and in parts of Papakura. See the map here to find out if you are in the AECT area. You can find the detailed AECT boundary maps for Papakura, West Auckland and Clevedon Hunua Boundaries by clicking on the boundary area names.

YOUR POWER TEAM is a 5-person community ticket supported by the Green and Labour parties and community organisations within the area.

YOUR POWER TEAM stands for:
  • Continuing to pay the annual power dividend cheque ($320 this year)
  • Slashing the high trustee and consultant fees
  • Working to make energy affordable
  • Stopping the Trust selling off more of Vector
  • Ensuring Trust transparency and accountability (making meetings public)
  • Promoting energy efficiency and sustainability

All  5 current trustees of AECT are members of C&R, a National and Act party backed ticket.  C&R has had effective control of AECT since 2003, helped by extremely low voter turnout – just over 16% at the last election in 2009. The C&R trustees oversaw the sell-off of 25% of Vector in 2005 despite an election promise to keep Vector in full public ownership.  They have paid themselves over $1 million in trustee fees over the past three years.

It is definitely time for a change.
You can read more about YOUR POWER TEAM candidates and policies at
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Voting papers need to be returned no later than 26 October – which means getting them in the post by 24 October