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Organic produce at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market

There was an article in the Weekend Herald recently regarding  mislabled organic produce.  At the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market, Tikapa Moana’s orchard and Heirloom Organix (seedlings) are certified organic by BioGro NZAll Good Bananas are certified Fairtrade New Zealand, which bans many harmful chemicals and ensures higher wages for workers.  Fresh Gardens and Earthly Greens vegetables and herbs are grown entirely without chemicals but are not yet certified organic.  George’s Garden produce is almost all grown without chemicals.  Bread & Butter Bakery and Cafe breads are made with certified organic ingredients.  Grey Lynn Honey’s behives are treated organically but they are not certified organic.  One of my favourite things about shopping at farmers markets is the opportunity to talk directly to the grower about how their produce and foods are grown and produced (and you can ask them for cooking tips as well!)
Sarah James, Manager of the Grey Lynn Farmers Market