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Discover the secret life of flowers this Sunday at a free Bach Flowers seminar

Sunday 18th August 11am -12pm  Oval room of the Grey Lynn Farmers Market

Many people have use Rescue Remedy but what is not so well known is that this is actually a combination of 5 Bach flower essences.

Bach Flower remedies can be incredibly effective in helping you and your family to help you weather your everyday ups and downs.  Homeopath Sophie Ganley will be covering a little of their history, how to use them, and importantly how to choose the right ones for a variety of situations –

  •    coping with major life changes
  •     re-building confidence after set backs or failure
  •     helping kids with homesickness
  •     frazzled parents and kids at end of term
  •     difficulty getting kids off to sleep

Bach flowers are a 100% natural remedy that can be used safely without fear of side effects are addiction.  They are safe for children and babies, animals and even plants! They can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments, and are intended to complement other treatments rather than replace