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Lynn Green – Nine years at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market!

On 23 December 2018 we celebrated Lynn Green on her final day of holding the ‘Local Honey’ stall. Lynn is one of the four original stall holders at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market. You will still see her next year once a month at the ‘Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away‘ stall, which she initiated nine years ago.


“Since 2009, most Sunday mornings tucked away in the corner by the entrance to the Grey Lynn Farmers Market (GLFM), you will find the Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away (GLWA) table. Never far away is Lynn Green, the founding member of the group and the ‘Local Honey’ stallholder. The group volunteers cheekily self-referred to as ‘wasters’, are there to talk with market visitors about practical solutions toward household waste minimization. Products to support a zero-waste lifestyle, including keep cups, reusable bags, Honeywraps, Bokashi buckets and worm farms to divert food waste from going into landfill are available for purchase, which in turn supplements funding of the various activities run by the group.

The ‘Reuse/Donate Depot’ – a swap table for glass jars, egg cartons and reusable bags reaffirms the community’s commitment to move toward zero-waste. …
Additionally, encouraging Market stall holders to reduce their packaging use and/or use more environmentally friendly packaging, is all part of GLWA’s presence at the Farmers Market.”

Text taken from the recently published book “A Decade of Positive Vision and Practical Action – Grey Lynn 2030”, p.24, launched 28/10/2018.
N.B. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book please visit: www.greylynn2030.co.nz/product/book/

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