Introducing the Auckland Library of Tools!


The Auckland Library of Tools (ALoT) is a community project spearheaded by Amanda Chapman, Tom Greer, and a growing list of enthusiastic volunteers. Grey Lynn 2030 is proud to be the umbrella organisation for such a fantastic initiative. ALoT will be a library where members have access to a wide range of tools (and things!). By pooling our resources, we have access to material goods and reduce net consumption, cost, and the need to own and store tools. In addition, we hope to create a community hub where people are empowered to learn, share and create, and perhaps even get to know their neighbours. Instrumental to this is our partnership with Hackland, an existing makerspace located in Kingsland.

The library will provide an extensive range of tools and equipment for construction, wood and metal work, textiles, 3D design and fabrication, and gardening. We are currently gathering funds, setting up our new space, and sorting through the slow but steady trickle of tools that have found their way to the library (and a second life!). If you would like to get involved or help or donate tools, please get in touch- and follow us on Facebook & Instagram