Transition Community
Grey Lynn 2030 is part of the international, grassroots Transition Towns movement. The goal of Transition Towns is to bring people together to explore how we – as communities – can respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change and peak oil. Transition Towns works on the belief that communities have within themselves the innovation and ingenuity to create positive solutions to the converging crises of our time.

Our Vision
Grey Lynn 2030 is a local response  to the  ideas of the Transition initiative. Grey Lynn 2030 is participatory community organisation promoting and engaging in building neighbourhood spirit and cooperation while working towards a vision a self –reliant, positive, resilient, vibrant, connected and sustainable community.

We currently have 348 subscribers on our contact list and more than 6,500 people on our Facebook page.


All our activities are undertaken on a voluntary basis with some local government funding for particular projects. We have been able to support the focus groups with koha collected at occasional movie nights and income from the Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away stall at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market. The Grey Lynn 2030 Car Boot Market covers the cost of our administration and publicising of our events.

Grey Lynn 2030 Transition Community Trust
Grey Lynn 2030  was set up by a Steering Committee in October 2008. In May 2012 we became a Trust. The founding Trustees were Colinda Rowe, Chris Olson, Sarah Guppy, Charlotte Gordon, Pippa Coom, Suzanne Kendrick and Lynn Green.

Current Trustees: Chair: Mary-Anne Parker, Trustees: Grant Hewison, Nina Campbell, Sacha Connelly and Suzanne Kendrick.

Coordinator: Connor Cahill-Fahey

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