Since Grey Lynn 2030 formed in 2008 we have organised around focus groups that pick up initiatives and projects to run with. We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary on 28 October 2018 and warmly invite you to join us! Many of the focus group have kicked off ideas that have developed into self-sustaining organisations such as the Grey Lynn Business Association.

Others such as Green Screen happened over a couple of years, raised awareness and then ended when volunteers moved on to new projects. However, in 2018 we resumed the Green Screen with film screenings such as “A Dangerous Future” in March 2018, “Bag It” in May 2018 and “A Plastic Ocean” on 26 September 2018.

The Grey Lynn 2030 Trust continues to function as an umbrella group to help promote aligned projects and organisations within the Grey Lynn area such as community gardens and the Grey Lynn Community Centre. The Trust also organises one off events and guest speakers.

If you are interested in setting up a focus group or reactivating a group please get in touch. All our activities are the result of work by volunteers committed to our vision.

Car Boot Market
Held on the last Sunday of the month in the Grey Lynn RSC car park on Francis Street, the Car Boot Market is a place for everyone in the community who would like to sell, swap or give away things they no longer need. Visit our Facebook page to view the upcoming dates.

Community gardens
In Grey Lynn we have three community gardens and many people who garden in their backyard. Grey Lynn 2030 has had an active gardening group who looked at encouraging the production of your own food from your home garden or on public land. In our group, people exchange seedlings and eventually surplus produce. The Community gardens focus group is not currently active, however you can get in contact with the following:

Energy focus group
The original Energy focus group is not currently active. However, Grey Lynn locals Nina and Steve are keen to get involved in our Grey Lynn 2030 community and contribute their professional experience on energy and climate change issues. They are testing interest in starting a focus group on these topics and exploring ideas and info evenings on related subjects such as home energy efficiency tips; solar pros, cons and how-tos; community electricity, and people-friendly local planning initiatives etc. If you are interested or would like to join a discussion, please email us.

Grey Lynn Business Association
We kicked off the Grey Lynn Business Association which was incorporated in September 2010.

Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market
The first Grey Lynn 2030 community meeting in 2008 was the catalyst for the Grey Lynn Farmers Market which is now run as an incorporated society with a management committee.

Grey Lynn Urban Environment Group (GLUE)
GLUE was formed to provide feedback on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan. For more information or to join, email us. GLUE is not currently active.

Local government group
The Local government group meets to discuss how best Grey Lynn 2030 can work with local government and develop a positive working relationship. The Local government group is not currently active.

Sew Grey Lynn
This group started in early 2018 and over 100 BYO Bags Grey Lynn have been sewn by the team with more than 70 donated so far to help businesses in the West Lynn and Richmond Rd retail areas become Plastic Bag Free! The group meets once a month to continue sewing bags. Visit our Facebook page to view the upcoming dates.

Traffic calming group
West Lynn residents have been looking at solutions to deal with traffic issues. The group hosted David Engwicht in 2009 and were inspired by his approach to making neighbourhoods safe and vibrant. The Traffic calming group is not currently active.

Trash to trade
Trash to trade is an exciting new community initiative that encourages everyone to give up-cycling a try. In conjunction with participating business associations, Grey Lynn 2030 is working with sustainable businesses and the education sector to encourage people to upcycle items that would normally end up in the landfill. For more information or to join, email us.

Waste away
Are you interested in waste in Grey Lynn? If so, you are welcome to come along to the meetings and share your ideas, be inspired and plan some action. The group currently meets at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of the month at the Grey Lynn RSC. Please see our newsletter updates to see the next meeting date, time and venue.

The rehabilitation of Edgars Stream was one of Grey Lynn 2030’s first projects. Native fish were found in the stream and community planting days held. The Water focus group is not currently active.