July update
The Local Government Group meet with Cr Graeme Easte to discuss how best Grey Lynn 2030 can work with local government and develop a positive working relationship. Pippa Coom attended the July Board meeting to report back on the success of the community meeting for  David Engwicht  – author of Mental Speed Bumps, and the number of traffic calming initiatives planned for the community.

June update
The Auckland City Council has been hearing  presentations this week on the draft Ten Year Plan 2009 – 2019. The plan sets out the council’s intentions for capital expenditure ($3.5 billion over 10 years), rates increases and projects planned to meet the council’s objectives. Pippa Coom and Lynn Green went along to to speak in support of the Grey Lynn 2030 submission .  We had a lot to bring to the council’s attention in the 5 minutes allocated.  In particular, we urged the council to adopt a key objective to make Auckland a sustainable city and we highlighted intiatives which the council should support. For example the Grey Lynn Farmers Market,  community gardens, a local resource recovery facility and ways of dealing with organic waste.

May update
It has been a busy month for consultation with a number of opportunities to highlight Grey Lynn 2030’s vision for the community. It is great to hear of all the individual members of Grey Lynn 2030 who have taken the time to send in their own submissions.

April update
Consultancy Liaison Advocacy Planning Solutions
The council released its Long Term Council Community Plan (the “ten-year plan”) last week. Perhaps you have had a chance to browse it, but if you haven’t, here it is! We have the chance to submit to the plan electronically by clicking the “have your say” link at the top of the LTCCP and filling in the gaps. If you are wondering about whether to choose to have your submision heard at a public hearing, tick “yes”. You can always either opt out, or nominate someone else to talk for you as a group. I envision a representative from every Grey Lynn 2030 group presenting at the submissions hearing… how about it…

March update
Pippa from Cycle Action Auckland introduced herself to the group and outlined her idea for a project promoting the use of the old tram route around Gt North Rd to Jervois Rd as a cycle route. Gt North Rd, for example, is so wide that you could sail the Queen Mary up it. Pippa suggested using the Living Streets idea of having parallel bus, cycle and car lanes to accommodate everyone.