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Want to see waste production and disposal in New Zealand regulated? We have a chance to start the ball rolling and make this a reality.

The Ministry for the Environment has released a Priority Product Stewardship Scheme proposal and is looking for submissions.

See more about what you can do below and say #notowastenz!

What is product stewardship?

Regulatory product stewardship is when producers, consumers and others involved in the life of a specified product share responsibility for:

  • ensuring there is effective reduction, reuse, recycling, or recovery of the product
  • managing any environmental harm arising from the product when it becomes waste

How do I get started making a submission on the Priority Product Stewardship Scheme?

The links below give background on the scheme, outline the submission process, and present some issues to think about before you make your submission.

For a quick and informative introduction, we recommend the webinar made by the Rubbish Trip, with the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 5pm October 4.


Ministry for the Environment
The Rubbish Trip
Zero Waste Network Aotearoa