Edgars Stream
Did you know we have a stream that runs through Grey Lynn? It is called Edgars Stream and you can follow it all through Grey Lynn. We located the street first in Wilton Street, totally overgrown at the back of a private section. Apparently the stream begins in Castle Street. We found it again in Francis Street Reserve, the stream is not too bad here at the bottom of the park and could be fixable.

Across into Wellpark Reserve. Our planting days will have made this easily the best part of the stream. We poked our noses over the fence at bottom of Warnock Street then walked down Livingstone Street, turned left down Kingsley Street and into Weber Street. At the end of Weber St there is a private drive that takes you down to the top of Fife Street. The locals use this as an access so just head down.

If you head down Fife Street you get to Grey Lynn Park, then you can access the stream again behind the sports pavilion. There are mangroves in the stream here, as well as a chair, tyre and a whole lot of rubbish. It is sort-of cared for with one side grassed. This part of the stream is big and boggy and would take a lot of work to maintain. There are many houses that back on to the stream. A friend who grew up in Faulder Avenue told us that Cox’s Bay Park was all mangroves when she was a kid. This explains the mangroves that run into the car park near the kids playground in the park.

Lucky we are called Grey Lynn 2030 – This is a really big project when you look at the whole stream. The good news is that with a little work, Edgars Stream could be beautiful and an asset to our community.

Interested in being involved in the water group?  We need somebody now who wants to take this on. Please contact Suzanne at Suzanne.kendrick@gmail.com