Grey Lynn 2030 Energy Focus Group

Grey Lynn 2030 Energy Focus Group

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Update on the Energy Group

We had 4 energy talks during each farmer Market in September 2013 which was a great start to the Energy Groups public presentations. So what next?  we have a few projects planned and have an idea about starting a energy conservation products organisation. So come along to the next meeting and bring your ideas and help grow the GL2030 Energy Group.

The Grey Lynn 2030 Energy Group is progressing with enthusiasm and has some  projects in the wind !

Why an Energy Focus Group?

Part of the reason Transition Towns came into being was a response to the nearing situation of rapidly increasing energy prices as a result of peaking oil production and the impacts this event is likely to have on our communities.

As we’ve seen recently this event seems to be happening as we go about our daily lives and people are currently dealing with increasingly higher household and other energy use costs.

There are things we can do to mitigate the impacts of these things and a local Energy focus group under the Grey Lynn 2030 banner is a great place to make these things happen.

An Energy focus group within Grey Lynn 2030 will provide a space to discuss ideas, learn from experts, create and implement projects, be proactive and inspire our community to join in.

What we will do:

Information and Discussion evenings with invited speakers

  • Information evenings by experts in Housing energy efficiency / Solar heating / LED Lighting
  • Learn about ‘Generating Your Own Power’ to sell onto the national grid
  • Other ideas?

Partner with other Energy efficiency organisations

  • ECCA
  • Auckland City Council
  • Electricity and Gas companies
  • Others?

Plan and Implement Local Projects

  • Housing energy use efficiency improvements – Lighting / Insulation etc
  • Promote government ECCA programs – Insulation etc
  • Smart metering promotion and installation projects
  • Solar Water Heating systems implementation Bulk buying schemes
  • Solar Electricity implementation Bulk buying schemes
  • Small Scale Wind Turbine promotion and installation projects
  • Energy consumption reduction

Promote our group in the community


  • Have a stand at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market
  • Promote projects locally for the benefit of our community

Create an information library on Energy Efficiency topics


  • Create an Energy section within the Grey Lynn 2030 website
  • Create an online library of information and projects
  • Link to other websites for information sharing

What we will achieve:

There are many goals we will aim to achieve as a group.  Some are:

  • To reduce the amount of energy we use in our local community
  • To generate as much as our energy as possible locally using renewable technology
  • Help, create, or enable the energy section of the Energy Descent Plan
  • Create local renewable energy technology infrastructure
  • Encourage people, businesses, and organisations to reduce energy use
  • Other Goals?

Who would like to join in?

Energy use and the technologies used to produce and consume energy is relevant to everyone in our community and there are things we can all do to create resilience against rising energy costs.

With all the possible projects that can be created everyone in our community will benefit by being part of this group.   Specifically, Local sections of our community that have an active interest in Energy use are

  • Grey Lynn local community residents
  • People interested in creating specific energy related projects
  • Local business owners
  • Other Transition Towns energy groups

Please get in touch if you wish to participate or what to know what we are doing in the Grey Lynn Energy Focus Group. You will be very welcome to join in.

Contact Chris Olson at:           Ph 021 2290329        or

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