Honey Wrap New Zealand 

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Phone: 021 330 047

In their own words: 

“Our key purpose at Honeywrap is to reduce plastic waste; providing people with beautiful easy alternatives. All of our processes consider the impact we have on the planet and aim to reduce our footprint. The cardboard tubes come from our organic fabric rolls. They make awesome marble runs or forts but we have too many for our children or local kindys to use.

There are about 150 tubes of a between 75-85 cm length. They would be great
re-purposed into furniture, sculptures or kids castles etc. There are lots of ideas of how to re-purpose them on Pinterest.”

Here are the raw materials:

Here is how they can be re-purposed into something new:

If you have any queries, please e-mail infogreylynn2030@gmail.com or call Brigitte Sistig on (021) 113 4171.