Plastic Free July

There is great community and business support to go plastic bag free, but to make a long- term change, we need everyone’s support and participation. We are working hard to provide several alternatives for others:

  1. We have trialled with branded Plastic Bag Free Grey Lynn re-usable bags being available around the village. Retailers could sell them for $5, which supported “Sew Grey Lynn” continuing making reusable bags.
  2. Fabric bags available to borrow (and then return in the Boomerang Bag style) if people have forgotten to bring a reusable bag. We are working out where in the village these will be – Shop owners, please let us know if you want some to be available at your premises.
  3. Many retailers already use boxes/paper bags and sell or giveaway their own re-usable bags.
  4. We encourage customers to “Bring Your Own Bag” (BYO Bag).

Have a look at some of the shop window displays for Plastic FREE July. Grey Lynn, let’s just do this!

Another happy recipient of her bicycle-powered sewn plastic free bag at the BYOB 2017 Grey Lynn event
Plastic Bag Free - Phil Goff
Grey Lynn Plastic FREE Action July 2019

Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away, along with Plastic Harvesters and Greenpeace New Zealand got together to hold the first NZ Plastic FREE Action on the final weekend of Plastic Free July – Watch the video!This month, many of us have been working very hard to reduce their plastic use, although, as you can see from our weekly shops - it’s almost impossible to avoid completely. This month, we've seen the NZ Government ban the single-use plastic bag and invest millions into plans for NZ's first 100% recycled plastic food packaging scheme. Great first steps! However, we must see a similar investment into stopping the plastic being produced if we're to have any chance of stopping the plastic tide. Recycling alone is simply not going to fix this problem.Many thanks to Lyn Collie from for the video.Music:

Posted by Grey Lynn on Tuesday, 30 July 2019