Ooooby – Out of our Own Backyard


While reading NZ Herald an article on Ooooby caught my eye.

Ooooby stands for Out of our Own Backyard

Ooooby is…
– a movement of food growers and locavores with a common goal of food independence.
– a place where you can learn from, connect and exchange with local growers and eaters.
– a social enterprise which pours all its profits back into local food projects.

On further investigation I see that Ooooby is very much in keeping with the Transition Town movement.  Pete Russell who runs Ooooby even promotes “The Transition Handbook” on his home page

We city dwellers can learn more about growing our own food as Ooooby is about to run a gardening course here in the room belonging to Garnet Station cafe.

Edibles and Flowers in the Kitchen Garden
Coastal and Shelter Plantings
Garden Design 1 and 2
Plant Selection for your Garden
Planting for year round Interest

These are the topics every Wednesday morning and evening at Garnet Station in Grey Lynn starting 18 February
Each session separate $15 each
Call 021 431 098 for bookings – Gill Warren

This is a great network that is spreading fast.  If you are a
gardener and you are looking to share, swap and receive tips, produce,
tools or a home grown meal,  then you will find others like yourself.  If you knownothing about gardening and need help or need a place to throw some
seeds then find others who are eager to share.  Who knows, it could be
your neighbour.  There are more gardeners and want-to-be-gardeners out
there than you think. If you search on “Grey Lynn” you will find a few members who are also members of Grey Lynn 2030.