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Even the Times has a story on Transition Towns

Just found a great story in the Times, London on Transition Towns.

Interesting that a very mainstream paper like The Times, publishes such a story.

Here’s a clip

More recently, I got hold of several Electrisave meter readers, and leafleted hundreds of neighbours offering to lend them a meter at no cost so that they could reduce their domestic energy use. Only seven took up the offer, but – undaunted – I persuaded the local vicar to host a public meeting. Apart from the vicar himself, and a loyal friend of mine who belongs to the Green party, only one other person turned up – bless her.

I mention all this not because I want congratulations – nor commiserations – but because I dare say that many others are doing similar things, and probably feeling no less downbeat about the results. But there is hope. In the past few months I’ve become aware of a growing movement of people devising creative solutions to the problems facing us. Over the same period – and this is important – I’ve started to notice quite how many fruit trees and shrubs are growing in the streets near my home in northwest London – but more of them later.