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Community Liason and Planning Group Minutes

1: LTCCP. The council released its Long Term Council Community Plan (the “ten-year plan”) last week. Perhaps you have had a chance to browse it, but if you haven’t, here it is! We have the chance to submit to the plan electronically by clicking the “have your say” link at the top of the LTCCP and filling in the gaps. If you are wondering about whether to choose to have your submision heard at a public hearing, tick “yes”. You can always either opt out, or nominate someone else to talk for you as a group. I envision a representative from every Grey Lynn 2030 group presenting at the submissions hearing… how about it…

If you are wondering about the usefulness of participating in the LTCCP process when the council is obviously in a state of change, the council’s attitude is “business as usual”. Don’t let the changing structure of Auckland’s governance dissuade you from participating… in fact we need more representation than ever. Our opinions are taken into account by the council.

The chance to make submission to the LTCCP finishes on Friday 19th of May.

2: Future Planning Framework. Another interesting planning initiative from the council is the “FPF”. Its the long-long term “vision” for Auckland City, covering areas like “Spatial Framework” and “Strong and Healthy Communities”. And you can read it here. Once again there’s the chance to participate online and I’d really like to see all Grey Lynn 2030 groups in on this one! There’s a forum being held by the council on Tuesday 5th May at 6pm (this is a change from the previous date) at Leys Institute in Ponsonby for which you need to register on the website (click on “Events” at the top of the page).

The chance to make a submission to the FPF closes on the 8th of May.

3: Is it a town? NO! Is it a community? NO!! It’s Supercity!!! By now we have all heard of the Supercity scheme being rushed through parliament. John Banks reverted to his old, rabid ways on the radio last week and frankly, it scared me! However it was an interesting interview with Katherine Ryan. I wrote to Nikki Kaye (our local MP) as well as every other National MP in Auckland that I could think of. Some of them even sent replies. The addresses to send to are listed in this article from last weeks Aucklander. Please do write to the MPs outlining any concerns you might have about the supercity proposal. If you are unsure about what exactly is changing, Brian Rudman summed it up quite nicely here.