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Update from Get Real

GetReal is only a month old and we have already made a real change.

Campaign #1: Plastic bag success!

Campaign #1 got massive on-the-ground support and media attention. And it got a result!

Foodstuffs announced on 17 April that all their supermarkets, New World and Pak’n Save, would charge for plastic bags from the beginning of August.

Thanks to everyone who supported us on the plastic bag campaign.

This campaign is not over. Progressive Enterprises is yet to announce their decision and we urge you to email them and let your opinion be known.

The rolling maul – Campaign #2 – Packaging is a Priority.

GetReal is moving to focus on the role of packaging in the wider waste issue with the launch of Campaign #2 : Packaging is a Priority.

With the Waste Minimisation Act we have the legislation to do it, The Government is seeking submissions on how to enact it. We just need to give it some teeth.

Are we whining bleeding heart eco-whackos?

Last week Leighton Smith laid into us on his talk back show labeling us “eco-whackos” and frothing at the mouth over our activities. We emailed him an invite to the Wastebusters smoko to talk things over but got no reply.

We challenge anybody who thinks our campaigns are not worthy to contact us with their concerns and start a conversation.

Plastic bags? Packaging? Get a life?

If you think this issue is not of immediate concern we encourage you to watch the TED Talk on the Pacifc Gyre.

Much of our packaging is ending up doing tangible harm in areas we do not see and re-designing and re-engineering our waste stream is a challenge we should embrace as an opportunity to do good, fun, challenging work.

Individually wrapped apricots? Eco-whackos? If that is what it takes,



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