Grey Lynn Forest and Bird Fundraiser


The Whitespace Art Gallery has designated their next public showing as a fundraiser for Auckland Forest & Bird in an exhibition called Chorus. Details are:

When: opening night 2 June, 5:30 to 7:30; exhibition runs till 27 June. Their hours are 11.00-6.00 Tues-Fri and Sat 11.00-4.00.

Where: Whitespace Art Gallery, 12 Crummer Road, Ponsonby

Who: Nic Moon, one of the displayed artists, visited Fiordland to hear the bird chorus, and, hearing none, realised the devastation which pests like rats and stoats have had on the birdlife in our forests.

She returned to Auckland and with other artists, including Don Binney and Greer Twiss, has organised this exhibition to praise New Zealand’s native birds and to support Forest & Bird for its work in restoring the Dawn Chorus.

While there’s no entry fee, there will be a box asking for donations to Forest & Bird.