Talk on Alternatives to Fertilisers


Dear Friends,

The Sustainable North Trust is hosting a talk on Wed, 8 July on other options to feed the soil and keep our food production system going despite the rapid fluctuations in the price of fertilisers and diesel that are currently plaguing our agricultural economy.

The powerpoint presentation by Betsy Kettle and Alida Robey will show large scale worm farming, city to farm composting, seaweed fertilisers, NZ -made rock dusts, aerated compost teas, vermiliquid and other alternatives that are here now and working.

This presentation has been given 4 times in Rodney District, thanks to a grant by Rodney District Council’s Environmental Education Fund and has been very well received.

You will leave with information on where to go to source these options.  There are biscuits and tea afterwards.

Kind regards
Betsy Kettle

7-9 pm  July 8
St John’s Ambulance Hall Silverdale
Corner of Curley Ave and Silverdale Street

Gold coin donation would be appreciated to cover venue hire.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I represent a company that supplies Urea and DAP to India. I feel that India has over used these fertilisers and have ruined the soil. The level of education of the farmers is very poor and they know no better. The Government is lazy in implementing nutrient based fertiliser usage. There is very little being done to promote other alternatives such as you mentioned. I would like to see your presentation as well as to learn on how to take this forward in India.

    Would highly appreciate your sending me your presentation.

    I was looking for such information and yours is the first item that caught my eye on the internet.

    thanks and regards

    Rajiv Kapur

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