Green Screen: The Yes Men Fix The World


When: Saturday 3rd July at 7pm
Where: Grey Lynn Community Centre on Richmond Road
Tickets at the door just $2

Showing: ‘The Yes Men Fix The World’

Described here by Kail from the Green Screen team:
“the sequel to the ‘The Yes Men’ and if you’ve seen that then you’ll have a bit of a clue re the flavour. It’s a smart, funny, provocative satire that will have your eye’s bugging with disbelief & if you’re not broadly smiling or gasping at the audacious mischief designed to prick consciences everywhere it will be because you’ll be laughing out loud at the inspired hi-jinks of these adorable yet formidable pranksters. Practical jokers par excellence they challenge the conventions (literally) of the rapacious exploitation of multinational corporates & expose the character, culture & behaviour of global big business. A tongue in cheek farcical mockery & infotainment at it’s finest. Check out the link to the trailer on youtube below for a preview glimpse of this shockingly absurd reality comedy.”

Hope to see you there!

The Yes Men Fix the World