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Keeping on top of Auckland Council planning processes

Community engagement

The first year of the new Auckland Council involves the drafting and delivery of a daunting number of plans. It is a huge challenge for any community group to keep up with the opportunities to engage with these plans that will significantly shape the city.  Grey Lynn 2030 is actively trying to keep on top of all the Council’s plans with limited resources and reliance on volunteers.

In April Grey Lynn 2030 submitted on the Council’s draft Annual Plan for 2011/12. This plan brings together the services and projects for setting the annual budget which determines our rates.

In appearing at the hearing on the Annual Plan, Mandy McMullin for Grey Lynn 2030 asked the Council to reprioritise the budget to support initiatives and projects that contribute to the Mayor’s vision of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city and that build community resilience, vibrancy and connectedness (for example by spending less on roading projects). This refocus is particularly important if Auckland is going to become an Eco-City and achieve significant carbon emission reductions.

Throughout April local boards have been undertaking early engagement on their Local Board plans which go out for consultation in July. These plans set out the community’s aspirations, priorities and preferences for the next three years and beyond. Grey Lynn 2030 is particularly interested in the Waitemata Local Plan as this is where we hope to achieve support for our community initiatives.

The big plan of 2011, that most people will be familiar with, is the Auckland Plan also known as the spatial plan or Auckland unleashed.  The Auckland Plan presents an exciting, once in a life time opportunity, to influence the direction of our city as it brings together the 30 year vision and strategy for the Council.   EcoMatters Environmental Trust, with support from Grey Lynn 2030, is making sure community groups working on sustainability solutions are able to make a meaningful contribution by hosting a “local learning” event on 11 May at Ellen Melville Hall (if you are interested in attending email carlc@ecomatters.org.nz). Feedback on the Auckland Plan discussion document is due by 31 May.

The Auckland Plan will be adopted by the end of 2011 in order to give a basis for the 2012-2022 Long-Term Plan  (if you have been counting that is 4 plans without even mentioning the Unitary Plan which is the amalgamation of all the District Plans into one plan!).

Grey Lynn 2030 welcomes support for engaging with all these plans. Please get in touch by emailing greylynn2030@gmail.com.