Use your wallet to change the world


Join the Conscious Consumer movement to show your favourite café that you care about whether their coffee beans are Fairtrade, their eggs are free-range, whether they use organic milk or seasonal produce, or how much they compost and recycle…Join by 1 December and go into the draw for a prize of conscious goodies…


  1. Oh Darling-Isn’t it wonderful being a chardonnay(or should that be a pinot grigio)socialist/One must keep up to date…..I just made the mistake(possibly)of joining the Labour Party,following in the footsteps of my parents and in-laws,one of whom was secretary of the Auckland Boilermakers Union.But I see that these days,rather than worrying about all the children in this country living in poverty,the many working poor,etc,it’s much more important to buy organic etc,and to let everyone know how worthy we are for doing so.I suspect many of those who vote Labour are content to buy Home Brand,if that’s the difference between eating or not.I look forward to coming to my branch meeting to meet some of you wonderful people so I can hear some of this politically correct waffle such as “working for connected communities”from your own lips.

    Yours sincerely,
    Bryce Robinson.

    P.S As you support the Samoa Community Festival,I wonder how many Samoan friends you have,or how many Samoans have visited your lovely home?

    • Hi Bryce
      It looks like you have confused Grey Lynn 2030 for a branch of the Labour party. You can read what we are actually about here
      We are behind initiatives and projects such as the Grey Lynn Farmers Market, Grey Lynn Business Association, the Wilton Street Community Garden, Green Screen, Waste Away etc – why not come along to find out more or choose your own way to make a positive contribution to the community you live in.
      Regards Pippa for the Grey Lynn 2030 Streering committee

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