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Grey Lynn 2030’s submission on the Auckland Council’s LTP

Back in March we made a quick submission to the Auckland Council on the draft Long Term Plan 

We have previously commented on the Auckland Unleashed discussion document and submitted on the draft Auckland Plan. Our comments on those documents are relevant to the draft Long Term Plan and we asked for them to be taken into account. Due to the short consultation period and the lack of resources for voluntary groups to draft submissions we were only able to focus on a small number of issues.


We strongly support expenditure on public transport and active travel. In particular:

  • We generally agree with the transport-related key issues spelled out in the LTP. We particularly support increased future CAPEX spending on public transport, to the proposed rate of 48% of the 10 year transport budget.
  • We support the City Centre Rail Link and it prioritised
  • We support Improved infrastructure for pedestrians and shared cycle/walking routes by including in the Plan “Greenways” that link open spaces and parks.
  • We support development of the Regional Cycle Network and provision of dedicated cycle infrastructure and a priority

We are very disappointed with the lack of funding for walking and cycling. The Long Term plan proposes a mere 0.8% of the transport capital expenditure to be spent on walking AND cycling – taking the disappointing Ministry of Transport’s GPS co-funding rate as read.

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport should prioritise a liveable city, in which short trips (6km or less) are encouraged to be by active modes. This will also boost public transport, as PT users generally walk or cycle to stations.

We do not support any further investment in new roads and ask for a reprioritisation for active modes of transport.

The prioritisation of so many roading projects undermines targets in the Auckland Plan relating to other matters, such as reducing CO2 emissions and limiting urban sprawl.

Economic Development

We support the Grey Lynn Business Association’s aspirations for the development of the Grey Lynn Shops (on Great North Road) to revitalise this area and support the local economy.

We would like budget to be appropriately identified for a precinct plan project.

We support the development of the City Centre Master Plan in particular projects that provide for connections to the inner city suburbs. 

Urban Development and natural environment

 We would like to see appropriate funding identified for:

–       Measures to reduce the quality and improve the quality of stormwater run off

–       Tree protection

–       Local resource recovery centres (as a key part of the Council’s Waste Minimisation and Management Plan)

–       “day lighting” Edgars Stream

–       Community gardens and local food production

–       Energy and water saving measures

We support funding being made available to protect of both our built and natural heritage. In particular we request funding is made available for the purchase and restoration of Carlisle House on Richmond Road


 We do not support the continuation of Rodney District Council’s bylaw that enabled fees to be charged for keeping of bees on public land.  Auckland residents should be given every encouragement to keep bees and not be subject to a permit process or fees.

Waitemata Local Board

We support the priorities of the Waitemata Local Board for 12/13