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Urban Environment Group – Second Meeting


We had a terrific turnout  at our call for interest in the forming of Urban Environment Group  We have clearly tapped into an issue that people in the area are concerned about. The  meeting was reported the next day on National Radio’s Morning Report which is a first for Grey Lynn 2030.

Grey Lynn 2030 called the meeting with the intention of forming an “Urban Design” Group. We wanted to gather people together to discuss the realities of intensification of our area and what this means for the protection of heritage buildings. With the help of our guest speaker Joanna Hurst we started the conversation “what is the special character of Grey Lynn we wish to protect”

One of the first tasks of this group will be to send  representatives to the key stakeholder workshop on 4 October to be hosted by the Waitemata Local Board as part of the early engagement on the draft Unitary Plan.

After the meeting last week the www.greylynn2030.co.nz Trust members got together and thought about what our vision is for this group. It is clear from the meeting there are wide and differing views on what is right for this community.

We propose to call the group “Grey Lynn 2030 Urban Environment” Group

Our vision for the group is to work to:

  • protect the unique and special heritage and character of our historic city suburbs (the largest remaining concentration of Edwardian/Victorian wooden houses in the world)
  • advocate for urban design that promotes sustainable and healthy communities (eg by encouraging active modes of transport, restoration of our natural and cultural heritage and better urban planning)
  • support urban design plans that positively contribute to our environment and our community

As you can see from above we are not a Heritage Group, or an Urban Design group. We want to be able to take a considered and probably moderate view on the future of our suburb.

We therefore have called another meeting to hear from interested people who would like to continue the discussion regarding the special character of Grey Lynn and who would like to discuss issues such as quality intensification, housing diversity(choice), historical character and housing affordability. We will also be identifying historic buildings that we think need special protection.

These views will form the basis of what the representative of the group takes to the Unitary Plan workshop.

If you would like to come along to this discussion we are meeting this Sunday 23rd Septemeber 3 – 5 pm at the Grey Lynn Community Centre

Joanna Hurst, Leanne Moore and Suzanne Kendrick will be attending the meeting.

Stop Press: We have just read another iconic villa is going to go http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10835232