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Want to see our community even more resilient, connected and vibrant?

At the end of June representatives from a wide range of Grey Lynn groups came together for an afternoon workshop to share ideas, brainstorm for Grey Lynn’s future and plan some actions. This is core to Grey Lynn 2030 as our name is about how we want Grey Lynn to be in the year 2030.

The workshop came up with plenty of positive opportunities for collaboration with everyone taking away actions.

Here are just some of the terrific initiatives:

The Grey Lynn Residents Association will undertake a needs assessment so we have a better idea of what gaps there are in our community for example for seniors, young people, schools, sports and church groups.

Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away are committed to all Grey Lynn events, facilities and clubs becoming zero waste. Don’t be surprised to see a group of “Old Bags” singing their encouragement, flashmob style,  for locals to reject plastic bags at the supermarket.

A very popular proposal is a Grey Lynn Timebank as a means to share resources, time and skills. This  could be particularly useful for sharing a lawn mower with neighbours now that we are responsible for the berms outside our homes. We also heard about “men’s sheds” opening in other neighbourhoods and would love to see a Grey Lynn version where it is possible to learn new practical skills.

Refuse plastic carrier bags. BYO bag

Refuse plastic carrier bags. BYO bag

The Grey Lynn Community Centre  is looking at ways to create a community hub that can support all the local groups. The hub idea could be modelled on the successful Kelston Community Hub which is a place for everyone to grow connections. There is also a spare office at the centre that is being investigated for a shared working space that can be used by community groups as we continue to collaborate.

Grey Lynn 2030 is investigating a new initiative called “Sustainable Streets” a street wise approach to sustainable living that starts with ‘streeters’ learning ways to minimise waste, reduce energy and water consumption. We are considering also how to link to neighbourhood support/civil defence groups that provide encouragement and other good reasons to get to know your neighbours .

Richmond Rovers Rugby League is celebrating their centenary this year and is looking to build relationships with the wider community. The club’s aspiration is to develop new club rooms in the park that can be used by multiply codes and to attract “new” Grey Lynners to get involved in playing league.

Many other initiatives are bubbling away driven by the other groups represented at the workshop including Grey Lynn Festival, Grey Lynn Business Association, Ponsonby/Grey Lynn CAB, Kelmarna Gardens, and the Grey Lynn Farmers Market.

The Grey Lynn RSC generously provided the meeting space (which is available to all local groups and as a venue for hire for social functions). We are fortunate to have so many resources as a community and  importantly, passionate people who give a huge amount of voluntary time .

Want to get involved? Email greylynn2030@gmail.com

Refuse plastic carrier bags. BYO bag