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Grey Lynn Farmers Market at Auckland Zoo for Orangutan Caring Week

GLFM at the Auckland ZooOn Sunday, November 17th the Grey Lynn Farmers Market will be held at Auckland Zoo as part of Auckland Zoo’s Orangutan Caring Week. This special market day at Auckland Zoo will celebrate and promote local, palm-oil-free foods. The market will be held in the entrance plaza to Auckland Zoo and as always there will be no charge for entry into the Grey Lynn Farmers Market. This is a change of location for one day only- regular Grey Lynn Farmers Market stallholders will be there selling 100% palm oil free foods, and market hours will be extended to 1:00pm.

If you’d like to visit Auckland Zoo in addition to shopping at the market, Auckland Zoo hours are from 9:30am to 5:30pm and regular admission fees apply.

There will also be a great palm-oil-free cooking demonstration using Grey Lynn Farmers Market ingredients by chef Kevin Blakeman of Como St. Cafe in Takapuna.

Ride your bike to the Grey Lynn Farmers Market at Auckland Zoo and receive $5 off zoo admission on the day! Secure bike parking will be available.

Why palm-oil-free?

Currently about 85% of the world’s palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. Rainforests are being logged and replanted as palm oil plantations, destroying vital orangutan habitat. At current deforestation rates orangutans could become extinct in the wild by 2022. Auckland Zoo supports orangutan conservation and preservation of habitat in Sumatra through the Sumantran Orangutan Conservation Programme. But the work starts here at home.

Many consumer products, including food, toothpaste, shampoos, and cosmetics contain palm oil and products derived from palm oil. By purchasing palm-oil-free products, and asking producers to eliminate palm oil in their products, you can reduce the demand for palm oil. However, it’s important to note that palm oil does not need to be labeled in New Zealand so you need to know what to look for. For more information check out Auckland Zoo’s palm-oil-free shopping guide and wallet card athttp://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/conservation/buy-palm-oil-free.aspx

GLFM at the Auckland Zoo