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Public meeting to discuss the Bunnings decision

Message from the Arch Hill Residents
By now most people will know that the Commissioners have granted Bunnings the right to build the big box that no one (except Bunnings) wanted, and although they said it is with concessions, you have to read many of the 16 pages before you find that the ONLY concession is limiting the 24 trucks to a certain time period. For the people who live on Dean and King Streets…it is still one truck every 15 minutes down King, past the Kindy on the corner, to the end of Dean street, off loading and leaving again.

Who will police these “conditions”? Not council. What happens if the retaining wall, given consent some time ago by council, collapses onto the childcare centre? Nothing! It is Kindercare’s problem apparently. And it will be the neighbourhood’s job to ensure that the “condition” is adhered to. Welcome to the world of lodging complaints with council… Welcome to a neighbourhood where it is untenable for people to live and welcome to a traffic nightmare.

All the Arch Hill submitters expertise was ignored by commissioners. One has to ask why. Did council, inspire all the compelling evidence WAGER our rates in order to avoid going to environment court against a large, well resourced Aussie corporation? You bet they did. Democracy was paid lip service to – experienced and well respected professionals were ignored.

Unless, we can fight this in the Environment Court (which both Bunnings and Council are betting we won’t have the funds for)…Great North Road becomes open slather for the DIY warehouse wars. Why would council limit it to only Bunnings? It wouldn’t be fair would it? So if you love Lincoln Road Boulevard in Henderson, you’re going to love the new look Arch Hill.

Want to stop it? archhillcommunity@gmail.com

Public meeting to be held on Monday in the Auckland Trades Hall to discuss our next steps.
8 pm. Auckland Trades Hall
Great North Road.
Monday 25 November