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Update on the fight to save Arch Hill

Arch Hill Residents IncorporatedAt a community meeting this evening residents reaffirmed their determination to continue their fight against the Big box Bunnings development on the corner of Kings Street and Great North Road.

Arch Hill residents have lodged an appeal to the Environment Court to over turn the decision of Hearing Commissioners to grant the Bunnings application.   As part of this process there is opportunity for mediation between participating parties which is currently being considered. The main challenge presented by going to the Environment Court is that it is expensive.

The message went out at the meeting that everything possible is needed to raise funds. So far Arch Hill residents have organised a street party, a movie night, t-shirts and are currently selling Arch Hill War chest larger. Many donations have also been received however, now more than ever, the campaign needs the support of the wider community and more people to step up and help!

The meeting heard that there is  good chance of winning at the Environment Court hearing. If Arch Hill wins the wider community wins and a precedent will not have been set that it is OK for Auckland Council to consent non-complying activities in Mixed Use zones.

If you value a vision for a rich and vibrant Arch Hill community not one dominated by a ‘Big Box Bunnings’, here are the Bank Account details:  Arch Hill Residents Inc. Society 38-9014-0148242-01.

The Liveable City Art Auction planned for late March.
The fantastic Soala Wilson is leading the charge. John Hodgson has come on board as the curator of the event. This is going to be huge – artists confirmed include Gretchen Albrecht, James Ross, John Nicol, Matthew Browne, Charlotte Fisher, Sheyne Tuffery, John Pule, Bronwynne Cornish, Fate Feu’u, Jane Zusters and James Robinson. More details to follow. Please call Soala on 0274 372 698 if you have time and skills to help.
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