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“It’s time we talked about plastic” – The Kiwi Bottle Drive

Grey Lynn 2030 wants a cash for trash bottle deposit system because we will get more than 750 million more drink bottles and cans recycled every year, these would otherwise be taking up space in landfills.

We’ve signed the open letter and the petition and encourage you to do the same! Get involved at: bit.ly/signBDpetition and follow The Kiwi Bottle Drive.

Warren Snow and Holly Dove kindly accepted the invitation and attended our 10th anniversary celebration on 28 October 2018. They spoke to the Kiwi Bottle Drive petition, and collected over 40 signatures that morning!

The following resources are available:

Website: www.kiwibottledrive.nz 

Open letter: www.kiwibottledrive.nz/dear-beehive/

Petition: www.bit.ly/signBDpetition

Warren Snow, one of our distinguished speakers at the Grey Lynn 2030 Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration on 28 October 2018