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“Grey Lynn Waste Free-E-Day” is coming along nicely. The idea is to col Here is the latest agenda. A meeting was held on Tuesday 10th Feb.

Below is the agenda.

Invited Graeme Torkler, Computer Recycling.co.nz to meeting
Asked for demonstrable evidence for compliance with the Basal Convention.
Asked for evidence of where they are sending their goods – This should be sufficient to satisfy us that what they say they do is actually what they do.
Can there be a contribution to the local community?
What can be collected?
Process of handling items for the day?
3. Invited Amber from Harvest Wholefoods to meeting. Ph 376 3107
Amber/Harvest is also organizing an E‐Waste day.
4. Invited Auckland City Council contact:
a. Lindsey Du Preez, Waste Minimisation Officer, Lindsey.duPreez@aucklandcity.govt.nz
Lindsey is supportive and is able to provide advertising in the City Scene. She has asked that we run any publicity by her first to avoid issues over early or late put outs of Inorganic Rubbish.
b. Does the Council get contractors to recover computer gear from the inorganic collection once collected? If so, how is our proposed event keeping the material out of landfill?
c. Council support for event?
d. Eva Lawrence, Community Services Advisor – North, eva.lawrence@aucklandcity.govt.nz
5. Discuss event: Community Waste Free‐E‐Day prior to the local Inorganic Rubbish Collection
Collection of:
o E‐Waste (computer waste)
o Mobile phones & chargers
o Batteries
o Printing Cartridges
6. Inorganic Rubbish Collection dates:
1) Franklin Rd, College Hill, Ponsonby Rd, Jervois Rd, West End Rd (Herne Bay), Surrey Cres,
Richmond Rd, Williamson Ave, Gt Nth Rd (Grey Lynn), Bond St (Grey Lynn), put out Sat 28th
& Sun 29th March
2) West End Rd (Westmere), Garnet Rd, Meola Rd, Old Mill Rd, Surrey Cres, Warnock St, Gt
Nth Rd (Pt Chev), put out Sat 4th & Sun 5th April
3) Pt Chevalier Rd, Walker Rd, put out Sat 11th & Sun 12th April
4) NB: Bond St (Kingsland) Sat 30th & Sun 31st May
7. Event date/s?
a. Weekend prior to start of collections: 14th & 15th Mar or 21st & 22nd Mar
b. Weekends where residents start putting out rubbish: 28th & 29th Mar and/or 4th & 5th Apr
8. Information from National E‐waste Day http://www.eday.org.nz/about-eday.asp ‐ Sunshine
a. National E‐day – October 2009? Link in to national day.
9. Information re: article in Harbour News – Kim
10. Information re: Hazmobile – Sandi Murray ARC – Amie
a. MfE Priority Waste Streams list ‐ IT Industry Product Stewardship Schemes possibly within
the year
b. IT Industry responsibility ‐ Community initiatives/volunteers subsidizing industry (effect:
industry not taking responsibility)
c. Action against rampant consumerism – Promote ethical buying from companies that have
product stewardship schemes or design with end‐of‐life in mind
d. Large volumes
e. Safety ‐ volunteers
f. Traffic management
g. Waste – Broken/damaged material
11. Computer Recycler:
Graeme Torkler at Computer Recycling.co.nz www.computerrecycling.co.nz
Ph: 525 5518 & 027 6113582 Email: info@computerrecycling.co.nz
Address: 51 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington
Graeme is keen to join us for this event and take away the items collected. The problem area is the handling at the collection point and he will provide a staff member to be present on the day.
12. Site:
Warehouse space
Contact made with Scott & Gordon re: site in Grey Lynn. This site has a loading dock and enough
Other possibilities?
13. Collect Mobile phones – Vodafone
Any type of mobile phone, batteries and chargers – Functional phones are sent to developing
countries through Enable Community for people setting up new businesses. Other phones are
Organise mobile phone recycling bin. www.vodafone.co.nz/about/corporate‐responsibility/mobilerecycling‐
NB: 4 x people on the GL2030 contact list appear to work for vodafone
14. Collect batteries? ‐ Sandra
15. Collect printing cartridges How
16. Advertising
City Scene – Lindsey du Preez, Ak City Council
Harbour news/Central Leader – Kim actioning
17. Signage
18. Education/Information/Handouts on day
a. Grey Lynn 2030
b. Computer waste: www.ComputerRecycling.co.nz
c. Hazmobile: www.hazmobile.govt.nz
Contact: Sandi Murray, HazMobile Co‐ordinator, ARC
Ph: 366 2000 xtn: 8642
d. Vodafone: www.vodafone.co.nz/about/corporate‐responsibility/mobile‐recycling‐actionplan.
e. Resene paints: www.resene.co.nz/homeown/habitat/pdf/paintwise.pdf
f. Batteries
g. Cartridge World
19. Organise the day/s
a. Koha $1 To cover costs
b. Prize draw hamper of local produce
c. Volunteers
o Gary Stevenson
20. Records
Record numbers/items received/weight ‐ feedback to community
Take photographs of event
2.0 What can be collected by Computer Recycling.co.nz: CHECK
All types of e‐Waste, Computers and Electronic Equipment, Including:
Computer Monitors
Mainframe and Server Computers
P.C.’s, Laptops, Notebooks
Mini Frame Computers
Power Supplies
UPS [uninterruptable Power Supplies]
PABX Systems, Telephone Equipment
Hubs, Routers, Switches
Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers
Electronic Components
PCB’s and Cables
If it’s not on our list, we possibly will dispose of that as well.
3.0 Where this can lead
1. Towards a Waste Free Grey Lynn
2. Permanent local collection site/day in the community
a. Local school, one Saturday a month, some $$ contribution to school from recycling
b. Community Resource Recovery Centre
3. People wake up.
4. People talk and hear about the new possibilities
5. People visit the reality and learn how to achieve it themselves
6. Larger projects unfold!


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