Dates for meetings 2009


Please put these in your diary so you can come to our meetings.

Venue: Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road, Garden Room

Time:7.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost: Entry by Donation/Koha

Some of the evenings will be in format of a Meeting & Update of our focus groups. Others will be a Guest Speaker or Film. Will keep you posted by email so please make sure we have your details –


Monday 9th February

Monday 9th March

Wednesday 11th March

Wednesday 8th April

Monday 11th May

Wednesday 13th May

Monday 8th June

Wednesday 8th July

Monday 13th July

Monday 10th August

Wednesday 9th September

Monday 14th September

Monday 12th October

Monday 9th November

Wednesday 11th November


  1. Hi there

    My family & I are looking forward to getting involved in this community project & believe it can lead to greater awareness about other things. Well done everyone for getting it off the ground. We have just returned from 8mths travelling Brazil; have changed our outlook on life in so many ways. I am sure we will have many things to contribute. We couldnt make this meeting but will definitely be at the next one. This website has been helpful in finding more information out about you lovely people.

    See you soon
    The Smith/Vavalis whanau

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