Next Meeting Topic: Future Communities


Come and hear Gary Marshall,

Local Landscape Architect and Urban Designer speak about
Inspirational, International City Designs –inspire the future of Grey Lynn

Gary presented this talk at Waitakere City Conference – WICI (Waitakere – Inform, Challenge, Inspire), August 2008.  The brief he was given was to ‘Present an Inspiring Account of the Future City’.

The resulting presentation pulls together a range of examples of ‘sustainable design ideas and interventions’ and includes both New Zealand and international examples.  It is in four parts – Recover, Create, Adapt, Integrate –

Here is an extract from the introduction –

Gary will be presenting a variety of projects, both real and imaged through four ‘lenses’ that are useful to understanding the nature of design in the contemporary city.

They are – Recover, Create, Adapt, and Integrate.

  • Recover – Implies the reappearance into our cultural sphere and built environment ideas and practices that have been neglected or approached with indifference in recent times;
  • Create – Looks at how human ingenuity and innovation can harness art, science, and technology to overcome some of the issues and challenges we face today;
  • Adapt – Is concerned with how we creatively respond to change, and how we can design and retrofit our cities with technologies and innovations, both old and new; and
  • Integrate – Investigates how all the pieces of the city fit together and how they interact with one another.

The presentation is very visual – Gary has about 80 slides of some pretty ‘weird and wonderful’ ideas he has come across.

To find out more of this topic, take a look at some of these sites:

Congress for the New Urbanism

which shows you how city design is important for people to be able to live with less energy.

Monday 9th Feb, 7.30 pm

Venue: Grey Lynn Community Centre – 210 Richmond Rd