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Get Across – the Harbour Bridge Campaign

Get Across Campaign

Would you take part in the proposed trial opening for walking and cycling on the Harbour Bridge in April?  Would you support a protest march if the trial was not allowed?  We’d like to hear from you, please complete our 2 minute survey here:

An update on where things are at.
The NZ Transport Agency have shown they have no interest in providing
walking or cycling access on the Harbour Bridge in the near future.

Read why their excuses are not valid here:

Given that we have explored all diplomatic options with the NZTA, we think it’s time to show them that Aucklanders are serious about being able to walk and cycle over our Harbour Bridge.

We hope you’ll support ARC chair Mike Lee’s suggestion for a trial access
each Sunday morning in April’09. If the NZTA reject his suggestion (which is a distinct possibility), then we want to know your views on a public protest across the bridge.   So it’s important that you complete our 2 minute survey to tell us what you think.

Please forward this info to your friends, encouraging them to voice their
support at http://www.getacross.org.nz/ if they haven’t already done so.
Thanks and best regards!

Andy Smith & Bevan Woodward
www.GetAcross.org.nz <http://www.GetAcross.org.nz>