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Ponsonby Rd Speed Change to 40 km

Dear Grey Lynn 2030,

Thank you for providing us with your feedback in relation to the speed limit change from 50km/h to 40km/h on Ponsonby Road.

Consultation was undertaken between the 13th of June to the 15th of July 2009. 932 responses were received of which 736 (79%) supported the proposal and 172 (18%) opposed the proposal. The remaining 24 responses did not indicate a firm view on the speed limit reduction.

In addition to the community consultation and considering the petition with more than 600 signatures, there is strong community support for the proposed speed limit reduction to 40km/h.

Additional feedback from the consultation process could be summarised by saying that presently the street is unpleasant as it feels like a major highway, there is no sense of community, more pedestrian friendly environments is required with more and varied crossings, paving changes and landscaping. In addition, education and enforcement measures need be undertaken to address the issues.

A project team has been set up with representation from the Western Bays Community Board, Ponsonby Road businesses and resident representatives to develop an action plan to address improved pedestrian safety raised via the petition and through the consultation process.

Auckland City Council’s Transport Committee considered the consultation feedback at the 6th of August 2009 meeting and has approved the lowering of the speed limit, as has the Western Bays Community Board.

The changes are planned to take place in September 2009, when the new speed limit signs will be installed and the new speed limit will be in place. There will be an education campaign via media of the speed limit change, and we will be engaging with local businesses on Ponsonby Road to assist with promoting the change to patrons and customers. The NZ Police will enforce the new speed limit once it has been implemented.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the proposal and your feedback has been valuable.

Yours sincerely

Karen Hay
Road safety manager
Network Performance
Transport Assets