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Traffic Focus Group

Traffic Focus Group (new)

Have you almost be run over on the pedestrian crossing at West Lynn? Is the commuter traffic using your street as a rat run? Do you have any ideas for traffic calming measures ? Do you think it would be great to have a 30km speed limit on our residential streets?

If so you might like to get involved with the Grey Lynn 2030 traffic focus group so we can take some practical steps to making our community more safe and friendly for walkers and cyclists.Please email Pippa pippacoom@gmail.com or introduce yourself at the meeting on Monday 8th June.

Once we have interested members we will meet to discuss:
– a name for the group
– objectives
– priorities and a first project to take on
– initiatives already underway (for example the proposal to lower the speed limit on Ponsonby Rd to 40km ) and how we can best offer support.