As Autumn descends


This morning is feeling decidely autumnal. The feijoas are not far away, the kids are collecting acorns on the way to school, the leaves are starting to fall. Best of all the rain has come and there is no need for the nightly watering of the garden.

Our lovely local church St Columba is having a community celebration of the Autumn Equinox

Where: The  gardens of St Columba Church, 92 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn

When: 22nd March, 5pm Sunday

The focus is  ‘Gathering in and Mellowing Down’ as we remember Summer and prepare for Winter

Bring something from your garden or from your store cupboard for those more needy that you, and a plate of food to share.

Susan Adams


  1. Hi Susan, this sounds like a nice mellow thing to do on Sunday afternoon. I love the idea to bring extra for people in need.

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