E-Waste Action Day


Do you have computer equipment that you want to get rid of?

Electronic waste (E-Waste) can seriously harm the environment, wildlife and human health when dumped on the side of the road and in landfills.

E-Waste Action Day is a drive-through drop-off recycling event that gives you the opportunity to recycle your old computers and mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable way.

Don’t put your E-Waste out on the curbside for the inorganic collection as it could enter our ecosystem and will end up in the landfill. This is a loss of raw materials and we lose the ability to recycle components.

Car-pool you and your neighbour’s E-Waste, (to reduce car use), in the boot of your car and take it to:

Woolworths Grey Lynn Carpark, Richmond Rd.

Saturday 21st March, 9.00 am – 3.00 pm.

There will be a team of volunteers to direct you and to remove E-waste from your car.

FREE OF CHARGE – Although koha for the Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away community group is appreciated.

Items accepted:

Computer hardware


Networking equipment (e.g. modems, routers, hubs)


Keyboards, mice, speakers



Game consoles

Toner and ink jet cartridges

Mobile phones

Not accepted:

Items that are not related to computers or mobile phones. These include:




DVD players, video recorders

Other home appliances


Before you come:

Wipe all data from your computer’s hard drive and remove any removable media such as floppy disks or PC cards. Use programmes such as:

Darik’s Boot and Nuke: www.dban.org

Ultra Shredder or Eraser

Ensure that your service provider disconnects your mobile and that contacts and other stored information are erased from the phone’s memory. Also remove your phone’s SIM card if it has one.

…and bring your neighbours computer gear to save on car miles J



Other Information on Computer Recycling:




Thanks to Computer Recycling.co.nz for providing collection equipment, truck and transport, experienced equipment handler and for processing the equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. www.computerrecyling.co.nz

Thanks to Amber and Harvest Wholefoods for providing some volunteers and refreshments for them on the day, attending meetings, advertising and commitment to helping our community take responsibility for its E-waste.

Thanks to Woolworths Grey Lynn for providing the site, forklift and driver and having a trained first-aid person on site.

Thanks to The Harbour News for writing an article promoting the event.

Thanks to Corporate Signage Ltd for sandwich board and Geoff from Diverge for signage knowledge & expertise.

Thanks to Auckland City Council for providing traffic cones.

Thanks to the volunteers and all other people who added value and energy to this Community Action.

Biggest thanks to Kim, Amie & Damon from the Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away Group for their continued enthusiasm, support, stylie flyer, humour, time, perspectives, skills, strength and commitment to help make our community a more responsible and healthier place to live. … and thanks to Lynn Green for her vision, focus, dedication and community-minded spirit!!


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