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Focus Groups

Grey Lynn 2030 is made up of a number of focus groups. If you have an idea for a group we can help you promote it and find people who want to get involved.

The object of education isn’t knowledge; it’s action. – Thomas Kempis

How will you be in action? Don’t say it is too hard, I don’t know enough etc etc. If you have the idea and the energy things can happen.

Grey Lynn 2030 Water Group

To give you the idea of how a focus group can start. I know nothing about streams except that I walk across the WellPark Reserve stream often on the way to Westmere School. The stream looks dirty and unloved. Here ends my knowledge on streams.

At the end of last year, a few neighbours got together to pick up the rubbish around the stream. Then we contacted WaiCare who came and had a look at the stream quality. They told me to have a chat to the council about the stream which I did. The council are now going to clean up all the weeds and also have donated $4,000 of plants!  I mentioned my idea at the Grey Lynn 2030 meeting and have now found some knowledgeable people in our community who have professional expertise on streams and water in our area. Grey Lynn 2030- Water group is now in gestation. We are looking at what other stream groups have done like Project Twin Streams and Friends of Oakley Creek and seeing what we can copy and implement here in Grey Lynn.  Now am sorting out the community planting working bee on Sunday June 28th….So it just takes somebody to get things moving and then other like minded people get involved too.

I have loads of ideas but not enough hours in the day…

Waste Free Lunch Day – Pt Chevalier Primary is running a weekly Waste Free Lunch Day. I have the information on how Pt Chev school have organised it. Looks very easy. If you would like to encourage your kid’s school, your own school or your workplace to take up this idea, let me know and I will send you the files.

EcoMamas – is there a group of Mums with little kids who want to meet other like minded parents in the community?

Plastic Bag Campaign – contact Lynn Green at Waste Away if this is of interest to you. Once Lynn has caught her breath after the eWaste Action I have heard she is hatching a plan…

Traffic Calming on Warnock St – Pt Chev used to have a group called Slower and Less Traffic – Salt. They did some great work around Traffic Calming. Would be excellent to get this going in the area.

Any other ideas?

We have a fantastic community of talented people, we just need some people to put their hand up  and lead the groups.

Suzanne Kendrick